Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. Helper

Christian is lousy at cleaning. Tori, too. Eli, on the other hand, rowdy Eli is a picker upper. When we got tot he sitter's on Friday, he was intent on picking up the last block and putting it away. He did it, much to my surprise. Then over the weekend, I started paying more attention to his doings,. He picked up his toys several times and he even helped me pick up Tori's room--she did not help until the threat of punishment. He likes to throw things into the trash, vacuum, dust, whatever he thinks he is big enough to help with! Awww, my youngest is not as rowdy after all.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bus, Bus, Bus!

This is the game Eli plays in the morning on his way to Sharon's. He points them all out, along with cars. When he sees more than one bus, he gets really excited and often claps his hands. He is tossing words out left and right now. you have to listen carefully to understand what he is attempting to say. It's a bit frustrating. but better than his grunt-and-point schtick.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Eli is making his own transition to one of the only kids at the sitter's. Some days he will be the only one at the sitter's. He talked all the way to the sitter's even though I couldn't understand most of it. Played with his Kleenex and his drink keeping and eye out for buses. Every time he'd see one, he yell "BUS, BUS, BUS". That was one of Christian and Tori's first word's as well. Keeps them occupied during the school year drive to the sitter's.

So far he hasn't cried when I've dropped him off. Yesterday he had Maya to play with and today, he was the first one there, but showed no sign of fear or crying about being there by himself. He walked from the car to the door, knocked on the door and we went in. He was ready to go and wasn't concerned that I was leaving him. I guess he's getting bigger and used to being with the sitter more. This will definitely make him a bit more of an independent person since he'll have to do more on his own. He won't be too lonely though and will have a lot of his own stories to tell us now.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

All Alone

Eli was not happy to see his brother and sister go this morning. I should have taken him inside with me, which I will do this afternoon if we have time. I wonder how today will go--I guess it all depends on whether Jayden is there or not. Eli is not real keen on being by himself, but I guess he will learn. Sharon will probably take him places more now.