Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rough Night For Dad

Usually when Huts and I go to bed, Eli has fallen asleep and we put him into his bed. Not last night. As I came up the stairs, there he was. He told Huts he wanted to sleep with him, so I went to Eli’s bed. Poor Huts. When I came into the bedroom this morning, he was scrunched on the edge of the bed with Eli in the middle. Maybe tonight Eli will fall asleep and Huts will get a reprieve.

Toys, toys, toys. Eli is totally into dragging out as many toys as he can and scattering them around the house. I bet I spent 20 minutes this morning picking up toys and putting them away. I wish I knew why Eli had to get out all of his toys. It’s not like he plays with them. Oh well. Soon he will be picking up his own toys. That should produce some wails, like it did when I told the kids they had to pick up their bedrooms. Christian and Tori did it quickly. Eli gave it a shot—his dad found him in his room crying because it was too big of a job. I can’t believe he took me seriously.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Eli the Maniac

Eli had a great Easter! He was wild the whole time, running down people with his bike and cars, tossing eggs, shooting his watergun at trees, ramming his head into the couch and anyone sitting on it, and so on. According to him, Santa is the only one who brings toys. The Easter bunny hides eggs and brings Legos—the very gifts he got for Easter!

He wasn’t into dyeing the eggs, but he did like painting them and made a real mess of that. He snacked a lot, but not on the candy like I thought he would. He got a Cars 2 airplane and ran that all over the house. He crashed his head into Christian and then me, and then cried about it. This morning, I found him in the hallway with Junior. It was 4:30, and apparently he had gotten up and was lying in the hallway. Not sure why he didn’t come into our room like usual. He slept another hour in our bed and then got dressed and grabbed his new toys to take to Sharon’s.