Friday, August 31, 2012


Huts has been working hard with Eli to get him to eat his dinner and go to bed. Thanks to Huts’ efforts, Eli has been sitting down and eating a few bites of food with a lot less complaint. He is also learning to conquer his fears and go to sleep in his bed. Last night, I could tell he was tired so I sat on the bottom of the bed rather than keep going in there to shoo away his fears. He was out in about 5 minutes, and this time, he did not wake up and make his way into our room. He slept the whole night through in his bed. What a big boy! Too bad Christian fell out of his bed and does not remember a thing about it. Must have been sleepwalking.

From Bed to the Couch

Huts has had it with Eli’s terrible sleeping habits. So, last night, he made Eli go to bed rather than fall asleep to the TV. After a few times of shooing him back inside his room, Huts went in one last time to check on Eli and found him asleep. We heard nothing more from Eli until this morning when I saw his door open and his pillow in the hallway. I found the little wandered asleep on the couch. Huts tried to find out when he made his way downstairs but Eli had no answer for him. So, who knows. We’ll see how tonight goes and whether he ends up on the couch.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Last of it

Eli got his room painted this weekend, a deep blue. We were going to apply some stickup stripes, but they just did not look right. And, they were really hard to work with, so Eli got his dresser striped. His room has plenty of color now with all of the toys, furniture, etc. We also moved his bed into the middle of the wall so he could access both ladders. He is one happy boy! We’re done with the paint for now. On to a new stair banister!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Is Spreading

Eli went with us to school on Monday to see the kids off on their first day. He played in the grass while we got the kids in line. He saw Tori crying and wanted to know why she was freaking out. We told him why and let him know it would be his turn next year. He said ok and off we went to the sitter’s. Once we got there, Eli decided he wasn’t ready for the change and started crying. I held him tight, until Sharon took over. She said he was fine within a few minutes of us leaving.

All of the crying on the first day of school made a rocky morning for me. I felt like the worst mother in the world and worried about them all day. Good thing, Huts and I had massages scheduled. For the first time ever, I relaxed and let Sally massage away the stresses of the day. She did a great job! And I was very relaxed and happy to see the kids at the end of the day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today Eli turned 4, and he started off the morning with cupcakes for the babysitting kids. Out of the delicious array of multi-colored cupcakes, Eli chose red velvet with cream cheese icing. He and his sister also got a donut to eat on the way to the babysitter’s.

Tonight after work we are picking up Eli’s cake. He ordered a SpongeBob cake from Hyvee—marble with whipped cream frosting. He is also getting McDonalds for dinner and opening a few presents. Aunt Annie and Uncle Dale are stopping by as well. It should be a great birthday for Eli, followed by a fun weekend.

We have plans to go to Bloomington on Saturday afternoon for lunch, shopping and a trip to a different zoo. Next weekend, we hope to go swimming at Annie’s.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, my little Eli. You’re growing up fast and I can’t believe you’ll be in kindergarten next year!