Saturday, January 31, 2015

Growing Up

I like to refer to my trio as my “babies,” but sadly, they aren’t babies anymore. Eli is looking less and less like a little kid, while the other two are becoming opinionated and lippy at times. Eli just lost his first tooth the other day, and Christian is losing molars right and left. Tori is becoming very good at saying, “Mommy” and sighing in exasperation when I do something that doesn’t jive with her. Soon they will all be teenagers, doing their own thing and hiding out in their rooms. Time has flown by. Even relatives like their uncle Samm have remarked on how big they are getting.

Yesterday, my brother had his last kid, a girl named Josie. The five of us would like to congratulate him, and I personally would like to remind him to enjoy every moment. Before we all know it, Josie and her sister, Kenna, will be teenagers, and the rest of our broods will be young adults. Enjoy all of the days to come with your little Josie and congratulations, Travis & Diane.