Friday, October 22, 2010

On A Roll

Eli is not the wild child he once was. He's still sticky and he still gets into things, but not nearly as much now. He jabbers away, throwing out real words left and right, and chases after his brothers and sister. He smiles, throw kisses and makes my day more often than not. He's our little pale blond jabberbox!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Limping Little One

On Monday while we were leaving the sitter's Eli complained about his right foot. I thought there was something in his shoe, so I took off his shoe and sock and carried him to the car. He was OK on the car ride home. When we got home he was crabby and walking on the heel of his right foot. He was crabby from just waking up from his nap, so he seemed like he was in pain, he was just being a pain! We checked over his foot and found what we thought was a splinter. We tried to dig it out, but were unsuccessful. After his bath we figured out it was just dirt, so his parents subjected him to some minor torture for nothing. He had no bruises, fever or swelling and after he got over his crabbiness he played while walking on his heel without complaining. We verified with the sitter that nothing happened and debated on whether to take him to the Doctors. We decided to wait and see how it was the next day.

His walking improved on Tuesday and by wednesday he was almost walking normally, just a little pigeon toed on his right foot. He chased his sister around at night as fast as he could and did all his normal playing activities without least about his foot. Thursday morning he seemed to walk almost normally as he helped his Mom take the kids to before care. We aren't sure what the issue was, but we are guessing he had a cramp or a tightened muscle from sleeping on his foot funny. As long as he's back to normal by Friday we won't be taking him to the doctor. He's been improving every day, so it must be mending itself. At least he won't be a little limper much longer.