Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scrape, Fire and More!

This weekend a lot was happening with Eli.  On our way home Friday night after running a few errands, Eli fell asleep in the car.  Usually he might take a quick nap and be up by 7...not this time.  He slept until 11 pm!  Since I was still up, he and his brother played until Christian went to bed at midnight.  Eli ate a pancake and played fairly quietly until 2 am when he decided, at my suggestion that it was time to lay in his bed.  Luckily he slept until 7 and was ready for our garage sale.  Then during our garage sale, he was out riding his Mickey Mouse fire truck vehicle and lost control and tipped over scraping his head.  He requested a band-aid.  He got a little medicine for the pain in his head.  He wanted me to take it off later in the day, when I tried he kept ducking his head down, making it really difficult to get the band-aid off.  Eventually, I got it off, causing pain, then he wanted another band-aid for the pain.  Again he ducked his head every time I approached his head with the band-aid.  I got it on eventually, but it wasn't great.  He didn't even realize he still had it on Sunday night and requested we take it off, but him ducking prevented that.

He also had to go garage saleing with Tori and I.  While she got a giant doll house to play with, Eli got 4 small Mouse's for his train.  He played with those most of Saturday.  That night we took him to the store to pick out our treadmill.  While I was getting it, he went with his Momma to the coin operated rides.  He played nicely until another kid tried to get in the ice cream truck with him.  He was having none of that and threw a fit.  I heard him still crying when his Momma was walking him out of Sears.  He was still crying when I got to the car and continued his fit when we moved his seat so we could get the treadmill in the car.  He was upset most of the way home, but calmed down eventually.  Luckily he went to bed at a decent time and slept all night until 5 am when he walked downstairs and slept on the couch with his Momma for a few more hours.  He played the day away and even stayed at home with his Grandma  and big brother while we ran some errands.  He fell asleep around 9 while laying on the couch with us and was a little crabby this morning, but was fine by the time we got in the car.