Friday, December 13, 2013


Eli came home yesterday with a new screw in his glasses. Apparently, Ethan, a kid at school, taught him how to tap, tap, tap on the lenses and make them fall out. So, that is what Eli did, which, of course, ended in the loss of a screw. The secretary inserted a new screw, but it is too long. We told Eli to be careful and we would get the right screw put in this weekend. Tap-tap-tap. Thanks, Ethan. We told Eli that he probably should not try any more of Ethan’s ideas. Hopefully, he listens.

Eli’s class turned in the most Labels for Education, and we are having a party for them tomorrow afternoon. They are going to paint rice crispy gingerbread boys and girls with flavored ice cream syrups using paintbrushes. The kids do this at Joe’s Crab Shack every time we go and really love it. I am hoping Eli’s class does too. I really don’t want to do an ice cream party. That seems so much messier. (The kids absolutely loved the snacks. They were all very good and scarfed down everything, even the ugly leftovers from the shapes we cut out in the rice crispys.)

I signed up as the coordinator of the Labels this year. So far, it has been interesting. We’ve had kids turn in labels without writing down their full name on the bag. I had to go through the directory to figure out that. Then, there were all of the labels from last year that did not get sent in. I had to go through all of those, toss out the expired labels and get the rest ready to go. We ended up turning in over 4,000 points. That gives the school 12,000 points to spend as they wish on school supplies. Way to go, kids of Charter Oak.

 We also just found out that Eli grabbed $18 in the grab-for-cash cube. Good for him to grabbing it and holding it! He got to do it because he sold so much Fannie May candy. Not sure how Tori did.