Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tag A Long

Eli was a 'guest' at Tori's party.  One of his friends from the babysitter's (Mya) came to the party and the two had a blast together.  Eli was included with the girls and they didn't mind at all.  Unfortunately for him, he had to sleep on a couple cushions so the girls could all have a mattress to sleep on.  He didn't mind though because he didn't know!  He was asleep first out of the pack and was put on his temporary bed.  Luckily he slept all night.  He had a good time and is probably ready for the next part...his parents however are not.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Loose Teeth

Tori lost her front tooth, and of course, that prompted Eli to claim he had loose teeth too—10 of them! He points to his teeth and tells everyone he will soon be losing them all! Ha! He wouldn’t know what to do if he lost all of his teeth. He wouldn’t be able to have all of his snacks.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


We have a new cat. He is all black and one of the last of Annie’s cat’s litter. He chirps like a bird and squeaks like a mouse, hence the name Squeaker. The kids have yet to play with him. We got him the day after they went to their grandparents’ house. We have shown them the new kitty by skyping, and Eli is happy. He keeps asking us about the kitty, where it is, what it is doing. I’ve picked up Squeaker and shown him and his sister a few times, but I can tell they will be ready to see the cat themselves this Sunday.

Yep, the kids come back this Sunday, which means Huts and I get Friday night and Saturday to ourselves. We got a couple of tickets to a trolley tour on Saturday, and who knows what we will do on Friday. I miss the kids, but I am enjoying the little break—especially since I know what fun they are having!