Monday, June 27, 2011

Out Early

After a long weekend of fun, Eli fell asleep quickly last night. We spend much of the weekend working on our kitchen, and Eli helped “fix” things and paint. He also played in the sprinkler and ran around outside a lot. All of this eventually took a toll on him, and he sacked out on our bed around 7 last night. Huts put him into his bed, and we didn’t hear a peep from him until early this morning. He wanted Daddy and he found him on the couch. Tonight he sleeps in our room on another mattress so Annie and the new kitties can sleep in his room. Huts and I need our bed back, and Dreamy, the mother, needs her mom Annie to sleep with. Just 2 more weeks and Dreamy and her kittens will have a new home and their own room to sleep in I’m sure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Birthday Coming Up

Eli is catching on to all of this birthday stuff, and he now knows that his birthday is coming up soon. He told me and his dad about it. He also asked me what the name of it was. It took me a while to figure out what he was asking, but he wanted to know what month his birthday is in. I told him August and his dad’s birthday comes right after his. He seemed happy about that. Goodness knows what he will want, as he often gets distracted in the toy store and leaves with nothing. He’s got all of the tools and automobiles he’ll ever need; not sure what he will set his sights on next.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Eli now says his own name, telling me all day yesterday who he was. Like most young kids, he turns the “l” into “w.’

Our little talker also told Gama yesterday that he was going to the toy store for a gun to shoot the bugs. He didn’t go, of course, but he did get a water gun to shoot the ants down. He must have spent a lot of time washing away the ants and it must have wore him out because around 5 he climbed up on Ollie’s bed and fell asleep with Hum the bunny in hand. He slept for about and a half and then had some dinner.

Of course, this late nap kept him up and he ended up sleeping with me. Ugh. He moved all over the bed and poked me several times in the head and ribs. He must have gotten some sleep somehow because he woke up happy this morning, ready to go. Ollie went with him, and Eli was happy about that!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shicken nuggats, friiies, shocolate milk

Eli has turned into a major talker, just like his sister. He talks a mile a minute about most everything, and sometimes you can make it out and sometimes you can’t. It is becoming clearer, however, as his recent request for a McDonalds Happy Meal revealed. He knows what he wants, and he asked for it in his own, unique way. Did he eat it? Not exactly. He is a lousy eater, especially these days. He picks at his food and often avoids supper altogether. We hold back snacks from him until he eats dinner, but that doesn’t always work. He knows what he wants, and if he doesn’t want to eat, he is not going to—no matter what the consequences. SIGH! He can be so stubborn. Wonder where he gets that from?