Monday, June 30, 2014

Tired Boy

We’ve had quite the summer so far. We’ve taken up carpet and put down new flooring. We’ve painted a lot of walls. We’ve done some yard work. We’ve helped Grandma move out. We’ve had a slumber party. We’ve gotten two kittens. And, we are just midway through summer. We still have another room to paint, bricks to put into our landscape and a trip next week. The sitter is also getting a pool, allowing the kids to get in a lot of time swimming. As a result of all of this activity, Eli is tired. We put him to bed early, but his perk just is not there. Maybe after this weekend and when he gets to sleep in at Grandma Marie’s. We are headed to Springfield, MO, next Thursday. Then to Pittsburg for the 4th and then to KC to drop off the younger two for a week. The next weekend is our 17th anniversary, and we are headed back to St. Louis to pick up the kids and have a little fun. We are going to the zoo first and then to Dave & Buster’s that night. 17 years, lucky us to have made it that long and still feel like newlyweds. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that Eli gets some shut-eye before school starts in August. His party is August 1 at Monkey Joe’s bounce house place. 19 or 20 six-year-olds bouncing around for 2 hours. At least there is no slumber party.