Monday, February 13, 2017

Mrs. Gregory

Eli's teacher this year is Mrs. Gregory.  Mrs. Gregory loves Eli.  She consistently has stories to tell us about his antics in school.  All of them good.  The most recent example was while they were discussing something in class and Mrs. Gregory asked what an old person would say when they couldn't hear.  Eli replied with "They would say 'WHAT' and change the battery in their hearing aid".  Apparently, it was in the perfect tone and punctuation.  Mrs. Gregory died laughing and told all her adult friends who died laughing.  It is things like this, she says, that shows just how smart he is.

We were discussing this line the other day and he didn't understand why it was so funny and why it showed how smart he is.  Which means, it hasn't gone to his head!  He is a smart, caring boy and is pretty sensitive too.  He's grown in confidence in himself though and doesn't seem to have as many meltdown's as he did in the past.  He can still be the pesky little brother on occasion, but seems to be growing out of that too.

The KSW tournament is coming around again in April and Eli has already said he wanted to go.  So we are getting a room and getting ready a bit earlier.  His grandparents may come up for the tournament to watch him.  This time around he is a red belt.  So he will have more choices from techniques and a full form to perform.  At least he excited this time around.  I'm sure he'll be just as excited to go to Waffle House on the way home.