Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bigger Boy

Eli has had a busy summer just like Tori.  Eli took the trip with us to see all the relatives over the 4th.  He was pretty good other than asking if we had made it to Springfield, MO, the longest part of the trip, 70 million times!  He saw his cousins and seemed to have a good time at his grandparents.  He seemed to enjoy the zoo, but I think his favorite attraction was the mister's they had out at the zoo.  All the kids stopped everytime they saw one, even if they were 20 feet apart.  He also loved Dave and Buster's.  He especially liked air hockey and playing the penalty kick shoot out with the simulated goalie and Simpson's soccer shoot.  Maybe he'll be the one that likes soccer

Eli's party is coming up August 1st at Monkey Joe's!  We have 5-6 kids coming for sure, but he invited 20, so hopefully more will show!  He wanted an ice cream cake, but it wouldn't keep during the party, so we are having a regular cake for the party and will get a ice cream cake on his actual birthday.

Eli is enthusiastically looking forward to Kuk Sool Won tonight.  He's ready to try almost everything, so that makes it easier on me.  He's also going to be putting out mulch this weekend with the other kids.  He isn't getting out of it by crying and complaining that he's tired.  It isn't tough work, but I'm sure he'll complain about it anyway.