Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Spelling Test

Remember how much fun kindergarten was? It is still fun now, but a lot more work. Kids are learning things a lot earlier now, and next week, Eli has his first spelling test. His words are: pink, said, this, that, read, seem, seven, eight and nine. He knows most of them. Eight is giving him the most trouble. I told him we would do a practice test this weekend and see what he knows. I am so proud of him. He can read and write, and he is learning to spell now.

Even though he is a big boy, Eli still misses his mom and dad. We had a few rough mornings last week, where he cried on his way to school and at latchkey. He kept telling us he was going to miss us. Poor kid. I think he had too many snow days and got too used to staying home. He seems to be doing better this week. Hooray!

Teary Mornings

Poor Eli. He has cried in latchkey two mornings now. He says he is going to miss me. All of these snow days have got him out of the routine. And, of course, the kids have Monday off for Presidents Day, so that is not going to help. Mrs. Sandy, the lead, has him sit beside her and gives him a hug until he comes around. Then, he goes play Legos and all is forgotten until the next morning.

Three months of school left. Thank goodness they have five weeks until spring break. Eli needs that time to get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow is his Valentine’s Day party. I don’t think he quite gets the meaning of the day and what takes place, so this should be interesting. I think Huts and I are going to pick up a stuffed animal for him and Tori. Christian has already put the kibosh on the idea.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day 2

We have had a bitterly cold winter, and the kids are reaping the rewards. To avoid anyone getting frostbite as they stand at the bus stop, school has been cancelled the last two days. Yesterday, the kids went to Sharon’s. They come home exhausted, so when we found out school was cancelled again, we decided to let them stay home with Grandma. When we left early this morning, they were all still sound asleep. We are hoping they get a good night’s rest and are ready for their half day of school tomorrow. Hopefully, there won’t be any more snow days. The more snow days they have, the longer the school year will be. Eli might like that since he adores his kindergarten teacher, but Tori and Christian won’t. The faster this school year ends for the two of them, the better. They have had enough homework.