Saturday, January 21, 2012

At Home Boy

Like his siblings, Eli likes to be at home alone.  While we went to the Globetrotter's game last night, Eli stayed at home with his Mama.  He was better for her by himself than he is when everyone is home.  He gets a bit riled up by the extra people and activity.  He watched the shows he wanted to watch and sang along with Dora and Diego.  He got fewer snacks than usual and was happy to play by himself.  He was laying down in the bed when we got home from the game, but he got up, ran and hugged my leg when he saw me.  After that I had him lay back down and shut the door so the other kids wouldn't keep him up.  He usually falls asleep in our bed watching a show and that night was no different.  It all depends on how tired he is when he falls asleep.  Later this year, he'll be put to bed on his own at a decent bed time.  

Eli also likes playing by himself or with Mya at the sitter's house.  He usually gets lost in the shuffle when there are a lot of kids there.  Most days, he's there by himself and loves it.  He gets to watch TV in Sharon's room and can crawl under the covers and get comfortable if he wants.  He runs errands with her and is always well behaved she says.  Now if we could only get him to stop running over our ankles with the grocery cart.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flying Solo Again

Eli is once again going to the sitter’s on his own. He takes some toys, chooses a TV to watch and has a lot of fun all on his own. He is fantastic at playing by himself. He makes up games all of the time at home and off he goes. He also does a pretty good job of playing with Tori. He loves to play house with her. What he does not do is play well with kids he doesn’t know. He gets mad at the store when other kids are playing with the train table or games. He is not into sharing at all! Imagine that—the youngest not being into sharing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weave Me Awone Daddy!

Shocks of all shocks, Eli turned on his dad last night. As most of you know, Eli is a Daddy’s boy. He wants Daddy to do everything for him. He only turns to me when Daddy is not around. Last night, after an argument with Daddy in the bathroom, Eli decided he would rather deal with me and told Huts to take a hike. Huts was never so thrilled in his life to be dismissed and relegated to supper duty. Mommy was the name of the game until this morning when Eli was back to being Daddy’s boy.

Eli typically wakes up crabby, and in addition to telling me to leave him alone, he fought with Tori. He insisted that he was the only one going to Sharon’s, which, of course, he wasn’t. Tori tried to tell him otherwise, but he wouldn’t listen. She broke down in tears, and I put an end to that conversation. Hopefully, everything went OK when the two went into Sharon’s. Eli is the youngest and accustomed to flying solo with Sharon, so who knows how well he reacted to another day of kids.