Saturday, March 17, 2012

And He's Off

Eli got a bike with training wheels, and there was no looking back. He hopped on that bike this weekend and biked all over the parking lot. Then he biked all the way home, about a mile, without stopping and without complaining. “I can do it. I can do anything!” he told me over and over. He took another short ride yesterday and told me he was done with his trike and I could sell it. Watch out world, we may have an athlete on our hands!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Eli is our free spirit. He is more open and more vocal about his needs and wants. Last night was a good case in point. All five of us went to Christian’s Boy Scout Banquet. Was Eli good? Not a chance. He ran around the cafeteria until it was time for the program to begin, then he fell onto the mat by the door and whimpered. I figured he was going to throw a major fit soon, so I hauled him out of there. We walked up and down the hall, then we returned to eat. He was ok during dinner, eating but interrupting his dad often with the question, “What’s so funny?” He threw yet another fit when Huts was working through the volcano. He wanted to help, got food coloring all over his hand and threw a huge fit when the kids booted him out of the way. We went to the hallway for a second time and stayed there through most of the ceremony. I got to see Christian get his badge while Eli played under the table. What a mess!

Eli is lively and has no qualms about getting your attention. The other night during dinner as we were helping the other two, he yelled out, “Are you listening to me!!!!!!” We all cracked up laughing because it was so shocking. What a mess indeed!