Saturday, February 9, 2013

Despicable Daddy

One of the kids favorite movies is Despicable Me.  Christian can recite most of it, Tori loves the girls parts in it and Eli loves the minions.  They watch this regularly in the car.  Unfortunately, this has caused some confusion for Eli.  He thinks the movie is about his daddy.  

For instance, if I ask him if he wants to watch Despicable Me, he responds by saying, I want to watch Despicable you daddy.  While telling Christian and Tori about the movie, he tells them "In the movie Despicable Daddy...".  He even thinks I'm Gru.  He'll tell me, "Daddy, you just blew up the game and got a unicorn!".  

Next time you see someone walking down the street with 3 girls and yellow minions, you'll know it is Eli's Daddy.