Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eli is a Big Boy Now!

Hold on to your pants, folks, because Eli is nearly potty trained! He toyed with it for months, and then bam, he did it this week. Jayden got on board first at the sitter’s and then Eli followed. He told Sharon no thanks one day, that he had his own potty at home, and then he decided to hop up on hers the next. He has had just two accidents—at the park when he was playing too hard to realize what was going on. Last night, he slept through the night in underwear and stayed dry. He also did #2 for the first time on the potty yesterday afternoon. What a big boy, and what a snap compared to Christian who was not trained until age 4! Way to go, Eli!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teary Boy

Eli did not take to the fact that he was going to the sitter’s by himself very well. He cried, and cried, and cried without Tori. Sharon did her best to comfort him and said the other little girl, Jayden, had done the same when her sister went off to preschool. When we picked him up that afternoon, he was tired and cranky. It took about an hour before he stopped telling me to “weave him alone!” Yep, he tells me that a lot. He is a daddy’s boy most days and wants me to leave him alone. It’s quite funny. Eventually, Eli came out of his bad mood and spent the rest of the night snacking on goodies and giving his big sister kisses!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Train Boy

Eli has become a train fiend this summer. He got a Mickey Mouse train for his birthday and has already run the new batteries out of it. Every time we go to Toys R Us, he immediately goes to the train table and plays with them. While we were there last time, he found the Chuggington toys. They are bigger and more electronically advanced than Thomas the Train toys. He wanted a BIG train. So we got him a remote controlled Wilson train. He loves it. He tries to run it over everything. He keeps asking about trains and if he can have a bigger train. Eventually we'll have to get him a full size one!

He inherited Christians Thomas trains and plays with them when he can get someone to open them for him. He loves putting them in long rows and playing with them in his batman house. Not sure what he'll be into next, but for now, he's got his train obsession satisfied.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Boy

Eli turned 3 on Sunday. He got a Lego truck and a Mickey Mouse train, plus a few other things. He also went to a water park on Saturday, where he went up and down the big slide with his dad a dozen times. He also played in the baby pool and on the jungle gym. He had a great time and was one happy boy. Does he know that he is 3? Sometimes. Other times he is 6, 18 and so forth. He is ready to grow up before we are ready for him to! Just like his big brother.