Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mommy! Daddy!

Eli is our youngest, and he seemed to be the one who missed us most last week while he was at his grandparent’s house. He had a very big grin on his face and gave us both big hugs. Then he was ready to hop back into the car and go home. He couldn't wait to see his room and his toys. Lucky for us, he didn’t fuss too much about grabbing a bite to eat before we left.
He also came home a changed boy, eating more than usual and eating different stuff. He actually told me he liked the boxed macaroni and cheese and ate two big bowls of it. The whininess is starting to seep back in, but for now, he is good.

Thanks to Marie and Steve for rearranging their lives for the week and taking on our kids. Thanks to Tony, Lucy, TJ and Paul for visiting with the kids and helping out in numerous ways. The kids had a great time, and it is all because of you. We hope life gets back to normal this week and you are able to catch up on your sleep.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Missing Us

Christian, Tori and Eli have been at their grandparents’ house this week. We have skyped with them nearly every night. Christian usually gives us a detailed report of the day’s activities, while Tori and Eli weave in and out of the picture. Christian seems fine. Tori seems more than fine, avoiding us for the first couple of days because she was too busy to chat. Eli, well, he’s our baby, and he is missing us. He misses me, his dad, his toys, his room. Lucky for him, he gets to come home tomorrow. Huts is looking forward to the grin that will no doubt be on his face. Years ago, when we picked up Christian after a week away, he was grinning ear to ear. Huts says it was the biggest smile he has ever seen on that kid’s face, and we are wondering if Eli is going to do the same. Christian was quivering in excitement at the sight of us. Maybe Eli will too. Awww!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Coming

Eli’s birthday is in August, and he has started planning for it now. He has figured out how to find toys online, and he has been showing us several he is interested in. The only problem? They could be old toys we can no longer find with ease. He has got his eye on several Batman things, which look like they might have come out some time ago. Ugh. With any luck, Eli will want to go shopping on his birthday and pick out his own gifts from what is available rather than have us look around online for things he has spotted.

Last night Eli fell asleep early, around 6. We decided to wake him up rather than let him sleep and get up at 4 a.m. I tossed him into the bathtub, thinking the water would wake him up. Wrong! He lay down in the tub and went back to sleep. It was a funny sight! We woke him again and got him out and got him dressed. I thought he was going to stay in bed but he surprised me. He got up and stayed up until 9 or so. Whew! Now if only he would sleep in on the weekends and get up early on the weekdays.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

All Mixed Up

With school coming to a close for the summer, Eli is having a hard time keeping up with what day it is. We had a long three-day weekend, and today school is over. Tomorrow the kids are going to the babysitter’s, which makes for a confusing time for Eli. He keeps asking me what day it is and when he gets to stay home. With any luck, he will know the days of the week by the time school starts.

We’re also working on his letters, and it is not going well. He knows his numbers, but letters just are not coming to him. Huts and I are going to work hard with him, and so is Tori and the girls at the babysitter’s. Wish us luck.