Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving Toward 3

It’s hard to believe, but Eli will turn 3 in August. He is talking a lot and letting us know what he thinks about things—man, is he loud. He is running around with ease, up and down on stools and stairs like they are nothing. He even tries to put on his own clothes and shoes and often succeeds. I have to remind myself constantly that our house is now baby and toddler free. We have a little boy on our hands now. He even got a big boy haircut a couple of weeks ago, sitting on the bench instead of his dad’s lap.

No more babies, no more toddlers. It’s kind of sad, but liberating. By this time nest year, Huts and I will be free of diapers and hopefully sleeping through the night—Eli is still working on potty training and sleeping all night long in his bed. We haven’t had six months of uninterrupted sleep in nearly eight years. How great that is going to feel!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Nap

Eli missed his nap on Sunday—wouldn't take one for anything. Then when we got to the sitter's, we learned that he and Jayden had missed their naps yet again. Too hyper I guess. They finally crashed around 4, but that's when we arrived so Eli was asleep for about five minutes. He was a bit crabby that night and did his best to stay up, but Huts finally got him to crash around 9. That boy! We're starting to think he may be done with naps. He's not even 3 yet!

On another note, it is warming up. The snow is melting big time, and the days are growing longer. We can finally see the grass, and before long, the kids will be able to go outside and have some fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Pie

I wanted a French silk pie for my birthday, instead of cake, and Huts and Eli stopped off to get it on their way from the sitter’s. Eli likes pie, so it was his pie, not Mom’s. “My pie,” he told me over and over, even after we got home and he got a couple of slivers. We accustomed to him wasting more food than he eats, so we gave him just a dab. He asked for more, but I don’t think he ate much of it. “My pie” is almost gone, so Eli will soon be sad.

Eli also had fun in the snow, but I didn't get too many pictures of him in it. Below is the video of what we got this past week. Over 14 inches! Hopefully we don't get anymore this year!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In

Aunt Diane took lots of pictures of the snow when she came up for Christmas. Uncle Travis shoveled the driveway and deck in no time. Well, you two and all of other readers, you ain’t see nothin’ until you see the head-high piles on our driveway now. We were in the path of the blizzard, and it took us a whopping two hours to dig ourselves out. Good thing we shopped for groceries on Sunday. The kids went to school Monday and haven’t been back since. I am betting they will be going tomorrow, but we’ll see. It all depends upon the temperature.

The snow was like powder and easy to shovel. There was just so much of it that we tired quickly. The kids played in it for a while, but eventually, we all made our way back inside where we stayed until this morning.