Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soccer Game

Eli had his first soccer game on Saturday, and it did not go well. They lost, but that wasn’t what bothered Eli. He hated being on the field. The kids went too fast for him, he couldn’t get to the ball and he spent most of his time on the field crying. I pulled him off and he stayed off until the second half. Then, Huts put him back in and he cried again. Huts tossed him out and he stayed out the rest of the game.

The other kids on the team did a good job for the most part. They tried their best and subbed in and out with ease. It wasn’t easy for them, and one got mad when the other team scored, but it seemed to go ok. If only Eli would get past the fact that not everyone gets a chance at the ball.

Getting There

Eli is the youngest and it showed on Monday morning, his first day of kindergarten. He got in line ok, but soon started crying. I hung around as long as I could and then I had to leave. No parents could accompany their child inside. Picture him with a quavering lip, a sad face, tear-stained cheeks and a tissue in hand. He got through it and came out smiling—with a yellow card. Seems he did not behave as well as he could have. He scribbled rather than try to write his name and would not sit still on the mat. We had a little chat that night about him losing iPad privileges and he has had a green card since then—green for good.

This was the first time Eli has ever had to deal with a cold lunch and he came home with quite a surprise. They don’t get a lot of time to eat, and on the first day, Eli shoved everything into his lunchbox, opened drink and all. He came home with a wet backpack, lunchbox and folder. Huts explained to him that he needed to toss all of his trash and so far, he has listened.

We got to the second day, the first day of before care for the kids at the school, and there were more tears. Tori was hoping to see Ms. Lynn, but she was switched to another school. So, Tori started crying and then Eli followed suit. Luckily, there was a woman working who got Eli interested in the Legos and started chatting with Tori.

Finally, Friday came and Eli got up, got dressed and went to school with a smile but told his dad he wished he could stay home. It has been one long week for that kid. He has done a good job and is even getting more involved in soccer. He has his first game tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Birthday boy

Eli turned 5 today. Seems like yesterday I was at the hospital stunned to find out I was carrying a 9 lb., 14 oz, baby. I remember them holding him up in the delivery room and remarking how big he was. We brought him home, and like most babies, he dropped down to 8 lbs. quickly. Then, he grew and grew and grew, and now, we have a happy, loves-superheroes-of-all-kinds boy.

Eli used to be our wild child, and in some ways, he still is. He has grown up a bit this summer and settled down. He still hates to eat nutritional food, and he still whines a lot, but he has become much more self-sufficient. He is taking care of his bathroom business, dressing himself and letting us know when he is tired. He is stocking Hugs in the refrigerator and getting his own snacks. He is inching his way toward kindergarten in two weeks.

Tonight we celebrate Eli turning 5 with dinner out, cake and presents. Happy Birthday, my big boy!