Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High Maintenance

While his siblings have taken steps forward, Eli has taken steps back. He has been very whiny lately, always wanting something. This is not looking good for kindergarten.

Saturday was a rotten day. I had spent most of the weekend fulfilling his requests, which made me crabby. I went outside to mow, let him know and told him to come get me if he needed something. He came outside and played. Then he decided he wanted to play in the sprinkler. I told him he had to wait until I finished mowing. He tried to wait, but got antsy, so when the gas ran out, I gave in. Tori and he went inside to change. Little did I know he was tromping up the stairs and on his nearly new carpet with muddy shoes. They came out, I set up the sprinkler and left them to it. Midway through weeding, I hear him screaming. I went around back and found him with a bloody nose and screaming he couldn’t do anything. I am dirty and tired, so I picked him up and took him inside. I washed him down, got him a snack and went upstairs for clothes. That’s when I found the muddy mess. Ughhhh!

I lost my temper, dressed him and told him to stay inside until I finished the yard. Lucky for all of us, Huts came home and cleaned up some of the mess, while I scrubbed up the footprints. I finally got back outside and finished all of that. Then, feeling like a heel, I came in and explained to Eli about not going upstairs with dirty shoes on. We’re pals again, but he is still clingy and whiny. I am not sure what this phase is, but it is killing me and Huts. Let’s hope Eli is better for his grandparents in a few weeks.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


That’s how Eli described himself the other morning. He hadn’t slept well and he was making a fuss about everything. He yelled at me several times and told me he was cranky. This morning went better. He was still tired, but he managed to get downstairs without yelling. He is a typical kid. He wants to sleep in on weekdays and gets up early on weekends. Booger!

Lately, Eli has been getting his dad to take him on bike rides. If you go by foot, you basically have to run the whole way. Huts likes to take Christian’s bike. I am sure he looks rather funny riding a kid’s bike. If this keeps going, it may be time to purchase Huts an adult bike.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toy Story Kick

Lately Eli has been on a Toy Story kick. He dressed up in his almost too small Buzz costume and bounced around on the trampoline this weekend. He zoomed the Pizza Planet truck and Buzz cars all over the house. He watched the movies about five times in the car. He flew Buzz all over. He even got new Toy Story tennis shoes. Woody and Buzz--how can you beat them?

Last Thursday night Eli went to kindergarten registration. We filled out some paperwork and got some tips, while Eli sat criss-cross applesauce in a kindergarten room. Tori went down with him and told us that he was very good. Amazing. The only time tears came was when he had to leave and did not get a turn at the SmartBoard. He asked his dad the other day when he was going to get a turn. Soon, Eli, very soon!

And, now that school is so near, Eli has started eating better. He ate regular macaroni and cheese the other day, not the microwavable cups, and scarfed down everything we put down in front of him yesterday. Now, if he would just take care of his business in the bathroom himself.