Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tucked Away

Eli stayed up late last night. When I went up to bed at 9:30, he was wide-awake playing with his trucks and cars. I told him it was time to lie down, and we snuggled. He must have fell asleep pretty quickly because the next thing I remember is Huts coming in. At first, he could not see Eli and thought he was already in his own bed. Apparently Eli was hidden on top of me! Once he realized that, he moved Eli to his own bed and we did not hear a peep from him until this morning. He was a happy boy this morning, tickled to discover that he had fallen asleep on me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy Weekend

We didn’t go anywhere this weekend, but we wore out the kids anyway, Eli and Tori, especially. The fun started Friday night with Dale coming over and watching the kids for an hour while we used his truck to haul some mulch home. Huts and I put out the mulch on Saturday morning, while Tori and Eli played in the yard. Then, that afternoon, Huts put up new exterior lights while I raked up a couple of trashcans of leaves. That night, we ran some errands. Tori and Eli were a ball of energy and stayed up until 11:30. They got up early on Sunday, which turned out to be a beautiful day. Huts finished the lights, while I painted the porch posts and the screened-in porch. He also played with the kids on the trampoline. Everyone had a good day, and by the time nighttime fell, the kids were exhausted. Tori and Eli were both out by 8. They seemed ok this morning, but I am sure they would have preferred to sleep in.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Eli used to be like his sister, reluctant to let go of anything. But, now, he has a new philosophy. If it is boring, it is out of there and in the sale pile. And, he is now an expert on what is boring. Before, I could not take his SpongeBob cake topper because it came with his birthday cake. Now, he informed me it was really boring and to take it. He definitely knows what he wants, and last night, he pulled what he wanted from the sale pile and left everything else. I guess he had a lot of boring stuff.

We are trying to get Eli ready for kindergarten, encouraging him to put on his own shoes, clothes and coat. He can be pretty independent when he wants to be. We are still working on the bathroom hygiene, but he is getting better about flushing the toilet and washing his hands. Wiping his butt, well, he still prefers we do it, but that is going to have to change. There will be no one to do that for him at school!

Eli’s diet still lacks. He likes very few things, but Huts has told him that he is eating what we are this summer. That should make for some really fussy dinner times. The ironic part is that he eats whatever the babysitter puts in front of him, so maybe he will do the same at school. Maybe he won’t come home famished because he ate nothing at lunch.