Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Will He Or Won't He?

Eli is also going on our trip. He has his clothes packed for Grandma and Grandpa’s but who knows if he will really go. He says he is going, we have told him that we will not be there and then he starts talking about Tori in his bunk bed. Clearly, he does not quite get the concept, so we will see if he goes or not.

Huts could use a break from all of the daddy requests, so he is hoping that Eli goes. It would certainly be strange to have a kid-free week. We’ll see. On another note, we may be getting another kitty. Annie has one more litter to give away, and Junior, our newest cat, could use a playmate. We are tossing around a lot of names that go with Junior from Bubba to Cletus. Wish us luck!

Monday, May 14, 2012

When's My Birthday

Eli understood it was Christian’s birthday. He couldn’t tell me Happy Mother’s Day because it was Christian’s birthday. He still wanted to
know when his birthday was and what kind of cake and presents he would be getting. We explained he had a couple of months to wait and then he could pick out his own cake and presents. That made him happy, but like Tori, he would have preferred that his birthday had been on May 13 too.

Eli our little monster is turning into Mr. Lovable. All weekend long, he hugged us and told us how much he loved us. No big deal for Huts, but a major deal for me. Eli is a total Daddy’s boy, so for him to love on me was a small miracle. Now, that’s a real Mother’s Day gift.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

When Is My Birthday?

In all of this birthday talk about Christian’s and Tori’s special days, Eli has started asking his dad when his birthday is and how old he will be. We’ve told him it is in August and he will be 4. That doesn’t mean a pile of beans to him, of course, and he tells us often that his birthday is tomorrow and he is getting a cake. We correct him, and then he starts talking about the Buzz Lightyear  rocket ship he wants. We looked for that yesterday and found nothing. He settled for a small rocket and told me he was going to pretend it was a rocket ship. Funny boy!

Mr. Eli has also learned the tough lesson that you have to eat dinner before you get any snacks. We’ve been waiting for months for his eating habits to change—he loves to snack and skip or eat cereal, oatmeal or macaroni for dinner. I lost my patience one day and told him he could not have pudding with his dinner. He had to eat a few bites of his dinner before he could have pudding. He wailed, I put him in timeout and eventually he came around. Now he knows. Surprise, surprise, he knows he has to eat part of his dinner before he gets any snacks. He gets up on the bar stool, eats and then asks me if he has eaten enough to get a snack. Who knew it was going to be that simple?