Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Part Boy, Part Girl

Eli got Flicker and Rip for Easter, along with some cars. He carried the tools all over the house, outside and to the sitter’s this morning. He loves Flicker the Flashlight and told me he needed a new one (Grandma already fulfilled that wish for Christian’s birthday). He loves his Handy Manny tools.

When he wasn’t fixing something, Eli was hanging out with his sister, carrying her new purse and playing with the dollhouse. He helped me set up all the furniture and told me where to put the people. Then he did the same for Tori. He followed her around for a few hours, playing with whatever she told him to and singing her songs.

Tori has been teaching Eli his colors, and what’s the first color he has learned? Pink! Everything is pink, though he does know the color blue. Yesterday, he ate all of the pink candy he could find and identified everything that was pink. The girl is rubbing off on him!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Cold

Eli rarely gets sick, but he does get colds, and the radical shifts in temperatures had brought on another. He has had a hard time sleeping, and Huts has spent many a night in his bed with him and alone. Sometimes Eli wants his dad to sleep with him, and sometimes he wants to sleep with me in our bed. We’ve had a lot of restless nights here lately. Wish the weather would get warm and stay warm, and Eli’s cold would go away once and for all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just A Little

When I got into the car yesterday, Eli was fussing just a little about his brother and sister not being there. Late that night, he got a little sadder when I asked him if he missed them. He seems to, but not much. He played all night long, enjoying the fact that he had Mom and Dad and all of his toys to himself. At this rate, he may never want them to come home!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Eli is a night owl like his dad and sister. Seems like when 9 o’clock rolls around and his brother and sister are in bed, he perks up BIG TIME! He plays and plays and plays, chattering the whole time and always begging for 5 more minutes. It is getting harder each day to get him to settle down and snuggle up by us on the couch. Too much adrenalin I guess. What does seem to wear him down is playing outside, so hopefully, he will get lots of outside time this summer and get into the habit of going to sleep at a decent hour and sleeping in his own bed all night long! Can you tell how much Huts and I long for sleep?