Sunday, December 7, 2014

Long Days

Christmas is getting closer and Eli is getting excited.  This year he got an Lego Advent calendar and has been faithfully opening the doors each day.  He doesn't cheat like his brother does and open the entire box at once.  He likes putting them together and seems to be enjoying it so far.  

He hasn't figured out who Santa is yet though, so we finally got a picture with him and Santa taken.  He wasn't scared and hopped on his lap without any trepidation.  After the picture, he and Santa discussed some things in very hushed tones.  Guess what he wants must be a secret. Luckily there wasn't a waiting line so he could take as long as he wanted.  When he was done he got an "unassembled snowman" as a treat.  It looked and tasted just like Marshmallows.  Santa gave him one for his sister too.

Eli is getting a soccer ball chair that has a foot rest.  When I brought it home, we weren't going to wrap the big presents, so I wrote his name on it.  It took him days before he saw his name on it and couldn't figure out what it was for and couldn't read the stuff I marked out on the box, so he has no idea what it is or why his name was on it.  I had to tell him the story we were told growing up about the boxes being empty until Santa filled them.  Eventually, we wrapped the big ones and now he doesn't question it.  The large wrapped gifts have made a great seat for the cats though.

Yesterday was Christian's Lego League all-day tournament and Tori's gymnastics class.  There was also the million and one errands to run.  Eli went to it all without much fuss.  He took games to Tori's class and was well behaved on the errands.  He spent most of the afternoon with Tori at Uncle Dale and Aunt Annie's while I finished the errands.  They had a good time and were exhausted.  Eli fell asleep in his bed with the light on around 10 and didn't get up til 8.  Nice for his parents.  

Only a few more weeks until Christmas break and Christmas itself.  Hopefully the 2nd week isn't a long series of "I'm bored" from Eli.  He'll have all his Christmas presents to play with.  Guess we'll see.