Monday, August 31, 2015


This past January, Eli started taking Kuk Sool Won.  It is a Korean Martial Art.  He was very excited to start and has been going pretty regularly since January.  Almost twice a week.  He tried doing both soccer and Kuk Sool Won, but that was too much for him in the spring.  When it came time to sign up for soccer again, he chose Kuk Sool Won.

So far he has passed 2 tests.  The first was his yellow stripe test, the second was for his yellow belt.  He knew everything he needed to know and was able to break 2 boards.  One with a kick, the other with his fist.  It was supposed to be a palm strike, but he was so pumped up, it turned into a fist.  The instructor was surprised and impressed.  He was lucky he didn't break a knuckle.  The only thing he didn't know was the pledge.  That night he didn't get his belt.  It was his dad's fault cause I didn't know he needed to know it.  He practiced it though and learned it in 4 days.  He was able to recite it during his next class and got his belt that night.  He was so excited and pleased with himself.  Some of the other students gave him high-fives and some of the adults congratulated him.  It really made his day.

He's started to learn his new form and has yet to be taught any new techniques.  He's determined to get his black belt.  We'll see if he wants to continue when December rolls around and we have to pay for the next year.  I guess we'll see how serious and determined he is about his black belt.