Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Trevor the Chevy Traverse, or Truvy, as I like to call her, has arrived. We picked her up on Friday morning. Eli went with us, and lucky for us and for him, the dealers flew through the paperwork fast. We were done in less than an hour. I tossed Eli into the back seat. He started jumping around when he realized it was our new car. He was totally excited with Sponge Bob in the DVD player above. Since then, he has learned how to shut the player and has sat in the third row, which was a pain in the tootie. We now put him in the second row right behind the driver’s seat. As long as the DVD is playing, he seems happy as a clam.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monkey Child

Eli is quite the funny boy these days, climbing everywhere, on couches, beds, over us, up the stair rail. If it looks like he can climb it, he will give it a try. It’s nothing to find him on top of desks, shelves, countertops, etc. He thinks nothing is off limits, so we have to watch him carefully to make sure he isn’t standing high on something he shouldn’t, like the deck rails!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

All Night In His Own Bed

Eli did not get much of a nap yesterday and fell asleep on the way home. He slept off and on for a coupe of hours before scarfing down everything in sight. He was one hungry, tired boy. Huts said he fell asleep about 10:30 and we didn't hear a peep from him until we went in to wake him up. He was pretty happy this morning, so he must have gotten the sleep he needed.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good, Bad

Eli went with us last night. He was antsy before and after but sat nicely in the first conference. He fussed in the next one—big time. Usually having a teacher he doesn't know in front of him keeps in quiet, but not in the second conference. Mrs. Evans didn't faze him one bit. Booger! He was rowdy at the grocery store afterwards, shoving his kid-size cart all over the aisles and fussing a lot. We were glad to get the little crazy home!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mr. Independent

He’s only 2, but boy, does Eli think he can do any and everything. He gets mad when we try to set up his juice box for him, he gets made when we try to help him put on his coat, he gets mad when we help him with his toys. He thinks he can do anything his siblings can and will try, try, try until he gets it.

Take last night, for instance. They redesigned the grocery store, and there are new carts for customers in training. Tori took one, Christian took one and of course Eli took one. He pushed it fairly well, but was prone to crashing it into the back of the big cart. He thought that was funny and got irritated when I tired to guide his cart. No! he shouted!

We spent an hour in there, and Eli did some grocery shopping of his own, picking out organic bananas and ice cream, which I put back when he wasn’t looking. It was pretty wild, and I am glad the store was fairly empty.

Bad Mood

I think Tori's bad mood from Sunday rubbed off on Eli for Monday. He seemed fine when I got him up, a little tired but not cranky. He didn't want breakfast, so we hopped into the car and that's when it started. He refused to accompany the kids in to before care--something which he absolutely loves doing! He refused all drinks and snacks. he refused to tell me goodbye. He was having none of us this morning! Hopefully, he gets a good nap and is in a better mood this afternoon.