Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kuk Sool Won

At the beginning of the year Eli started taking Kuk Sool Won.  Eli has always been interested in rough housing.  To direct this in a better way, he tried a class in the fall to see if he was interested.  He liked it and started taking classes in January.  He passed his yellow stripe test and is ready to take his yellow belt test this month.  Shockingly, he is still interested.  He even went to the seminar with the Grandmaster.  He was excited just to get to see him because he knew he was the highest rank.  The only time Eli had a little difficulty was when he was doing soccer and Kuk Sool Won at the same time.  Both activities at the same time got to be a little too much for him.  He made it through both activities a little worn out, but seems interested doing both in the fall again.  We'll see how that goes.

He's run into a few issues with being unsure of himself.  He was upset at his first testing because he had never done one before and it was a difficult testing for everyone.  We had so many white belts in the last class that all the yellow stripes moved to the back.  He'd never been in the back before and got upset with that.  He's been working on learning to tie his uniform and belt.  That has caused some issues as well, but he's learned how for the most part.  Overall, he really likes it and has grown into it.  Maybe he'll get the black belt he says he wants.  Only time will tell.

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