Friday, September 12, 2014


Eli had his party this year with his friends at Monkey Joe's bounce house.  He got pizza and to meet Monkey Joe and bounce with his friends in the place for 2 hours.  He had a great time and I realized we hadn't posted pictures of it.  So here are some of them.

Relaxing before the Party
His reaction to Monkey Joe coming in
Hug from Monkey Joe
The Loot
Big sis
The Daredevil

Speaking of Daredevil...Guess who broke his wrist!  He and another kid were climbing on the jungle gym at school and the other kid accidentally pushed Eli off.  He fell and tried to brace himself, but in the process broke his wrist.  
 Orange Cast
Showing it off
Shiner from last Friday

Eli's had his share of physical issues with his broken leg from 2 years ago and now wrist.  He's going to miss most of the rest of his soccer season, but he wants to play the last couple of games if he can.  It has only been 5 days, but he can move his fingers without pain and is learning to write with his right hand for the time being.  Hopefully this will be the last cast for a long time.

The shiner was from when he was playing freeze tag at school.  He tripped and hit the table.  Luckily he didn't break his glasses.  He was fine after that and was ready to go.  He's a sturdy kid.

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