Sunday, October 19, 2014

One Quarter Down

The kids made it through their first quarter of school. They all did well, even Eli. He has turned into a good speller and is improving everyday with math and reading. He also has been a good kid. Every day, he comes home with a mini report, and it is usually green, pink or purple, all good colors on the behavior scale.

Last night, Eli went to a birthday party. He was the only boy there but had a good time anyway. At first, he did not want to play with the girls, but once Huts left for a sandwich down the street, Eli decided it was time to join them. When Huts got back, Eli was having fun with Deja and the others.

Eli got his cast off a couple of weeks ago. He was given a splint for school but got it dirty at the party last night, so he went without it today. The twins noticed it right away in latchkey this morning and demanded to see Eli’s wrist. He showed it to them, they saw it was ok, and off they went to play Legos. Guessing he is nearly done with that splint.

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